Þrumufleygur Frá Álfhólum - Icelandic Stallion Born 2006
Þrumufleygur offspring have multiple in this world this summer. We are really happy with them, they all are so fluent on the gaits with so much speed range. All of them show allot of Tölt with amazing speed range AND... OFCOURSE outstanding high  movements!   That is what Thunder's babies all have for sure!! They need to think about where to put there feet down in stead of thinking of picking them up ;) 
Þrumufleygurs son!
Hamingja - Þrumufleygur's daughter in Germany
This black mare foal daughter of Þrumufleygur was born yesterday in Germany. His mother is Drífa frá Miðfelli mare that her owner Bibi bought from us in Álfhólar and covered and exported to her home. Congratulation Bibi with your amazing mare, which is called Hamingja, that means Happyness!  
Stallion foal son of Þrumufleygur and Kollka frá Hákoti.
This extremely handsome colt is the son of Þrumufeygur and Kolka frá Hákoti (Total score 8,69) which is the highest judge mare in Iceland this year and the Landsmót winner 2011 5 year old mares. I am the owner of him (Hrefna María) and wowwww he is just amazing, good looking talented foal. 
Son of Díva frá Álfhólum and Þrumufleygur!
This two star chestnut gold clump has it all. He is the son of Þrumufleygur and no one else ... Díva frá Álfhólum!!! Yes you heard it right. He goes around with extremely long stripes both on tölt and trot... seriously high speed range, movents to die for. Sara has not found a name for him yet but what name can be good enough for this kind of star?? 

More phot0s of foals born this summer 2012 HERE on Álfhólar photo page!
9/4/2013 10:03:03 pm

A horse’s character depends a lot on the gene or the bloodline of the breed. This page gives details about one such awesome beast. The page has a very good collection of pictures in it and the description given about it is also very good.


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    Þrumarinn er..

    ... svakalegur!
    ... alvöru!
    ... hágengur!
    ... skrefmikill! 
    ... geðgóður!
    ... viljugur!
    ... mjúkur!
    ... engum líkur!!!

    Nafnið Þrumufleygur...

    Nafnið Þrumuflegur festist við hann þegar hann sýndi í gríð og erg SVAÐALEG tilþrif hlaupandi efitr móður sinni sem folald. Þá var ekki aftur snúið og Þrumufleygur var það. Aðrir eins skeiðsprettir og fótaburður hafa varla sést.  

    The name Þrumu-fleygur...

    He was named Þrumu-fleygur when he was only few days old running after his mother.  We have then or now seen such movements and speed range in a foal. Only one name came to our minds Þrumufleygur it was. Means flying thunder!